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Where to Buy Our Melons

Our harvest season runs from mid-July through mid to late September depending on the year. If you live in Texas then there is a good chance you'll see our melons in a grocery store near you during those months. We regularly send shipments to Walmart, Target, United Supermarkets, HEB, among others. Check out our Instagram page for occasional updates to know when we might be in your city.

If you don't live in our region, or if you would prefer to buy directly from us, please check out our current selection of melons below—shipped right to your door! *Coming Soon!

Mini Seedless Watermelons

We are proud to grow mini seedless watermelons at Moore Family Farms. Their super sweet taste and compact size make them ideal for sharing and storing! To ensure freshness, we'll package each melon the day it's picked so you can enjoy farm fresh watermelons right in your own home.